BONES APART - Olivier Pin-Fat (2022)

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Synopsis and technical informations

 “Photography transmutes constantly into numerous forms, to be duplicated, multiplied, repeated. Its multifarious manifestations are rendered unique in-situ, its various replications, incarnations, contexts, & sequences make its expression sole, constantly renewable, each new (repetitive) rebirth a new nuance, new energy, new radiation, new emittance, new body, new skeleton, new form. A new gathering of bones, new reassembly of bones, a new transmission. New disclosures. New shadows.” Olivier Pin-Fat

Pin-Fat reinterprets the creative flow of the photographic medium and photography itself: its ability to continually renew itself, to reborn from its bones and, even atomized and torn to pieces, photography is able - like light - to create new forms and impulses.

Bones apart is an ongoing project, it’s only a station of a fluid and infinite path: for Origini edizioni the bones have taken this shape.


Photos and texts by Olivier Pin-Fat

Design by Valentino Barachini

Paper: Selena New Ivory Burgo 95 gr + matte coated paper 115 gr + Pergamenata naturale 90gr Fedrigoni

150 copies numbered and signed. 30 copies of them are collectors’ editions.

Collectors’ edition consists in the book + an original silver salt print by Olivier Pin-Fat

3 issues in b/w, 1 sewn poster  + much more unbound photos and texts

Closed book dimensions: 30x40 cm

Language: English



Olivier Pin-Fat // represented by L’Agence/Galerie VU (Paris) 1998-2008 // co-founded ‘AM projects’ in 2011 // lives in Italy.

Olivier Pin-Fat is working solely in analogue, predominantly through the book medium - handmade or in publishable (trade) formats - and/or with installations.

Deliberately using a process which is hard to control, Pin-Fat accepts the disappearances  and losses inherent to darkroom practice to embrace the accidental.

His work has been exhibited in an eclectic range of spaces from the Centro Cultural Conde-Duque (Madrid, PHotoEspaña 2001), Le Centre d’Art Contemporain de Basse-Normandie (1998), About(Photography)Gallery (Bangkok, 1996), (About)Cafe Gallery (Bangkok, 1998), The Bangkok Art and Cultural Centre (2010,11), The Museum of Botanique (Brussels, 2018), Galerie VU (Paris, 2002,3,4), Agnes B (London, 2008), Pingyao International Photo Festival (Shanxi, China, 2001) to more anomalous venues such as Copperfield Gallery (London, 2015), NACC (Bangkok, 2016), a former Mao era candy factory (Lianzhou, China, 2006), the old  gasworks/gaswerken at UNSEEN (Amsterdam, 2012) and in a sandstone medieval edifice (also formerly the French Communist Party’s  HQ) during Les Rencontres d'Arles (2015) -  to mention a few.

His book MEAT (éd,Void-2018) was a finalist for The Rencontres d’Arles Book Award // Prix du Livre d’Auteur in 2019.