ONLY FOR NOW - Joseph Rovegno (2023)

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Rovegno's work is a multidisciplinary index of clear and extremely sensitive photographic perception, originated in and influenced by his hometown (NYC) and its underground culture; A photographic dialect tracing its roots on a cultural background which is motivated by the expressive freedom of the artistic practice combining no academic or formal education in photography.

Using pictures and text in an organic visual and linguistic legacy and by creating illuminating symbols almost impossible to deconstruct, Rovegno's gesturing process is reflecting encounters with Neo-Expressionism and Action Painting. And we feel confident enough to say that he is creating - performing - transmitting an Action Photography sensitive and impactful enough so to name him a true visual poet of our times.

Photos by Joseph Rovegno

Editing by Ilias Georgiadis and Joseph Rovegno

Design finalisation by Erminia Aurora Rizzacasa

Handmade finalisation by Eugenia Koval

200 copies numbered and signed

Paper: Musa 85 gr Burgo; Profilm Copy Canson; Bindakote Favini 115 gr.

66 pages, 25 photos, b/w

Language: English


30 copies numbered and signed: contain an handsewed photocollage printed in dark-room by the photographer.