PHENOMENA - Morganna Magee (2023)

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Photos by Morganna Magee
Editing by Ilias Georgiadis and Morganna Magee
Book design by Matilde Vittoria Laricchia
Handcrafted work by Eugenia Koval
Dimensions 22x29 cm
250 copies numbered and signed
Hard cover, hand bound.

"Life is not the opposite of death, but a continuum. Evolutionary nature is an engine of mystery- of things we do not and cannot know. Every step is simultaneously an act of destruction and of creation, of life. There is consolation in the fact that we are always living in the ruins of what went before”

Ben Rawlence, The Treeline

Morganna’s work resounds all natural magic of shapes and wildness. Her eye accompanies us to discover the not-said but existing, the hidden but breathing: we go to feel Nature as we feel our veins and systems that live inside us with the same shapes of Nature, as pictures from an ancient Histological medicine book may suggest.